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We provide innovative digital solutions to tell your story.
It is essential for companies to optimize business processes in order to cut costs and effectively communicate with customers, vendors, and employees. 212films will work with you to create an information gateway allowing your business to interact with the marketplace.

At 212films we take your ideas and transform them into media that move. Most of all we enjoy what we do and how we do it. And, we’re good at it.

By partnering with our experienced team we will do our best to visually position your business for success, to tell your company's story.


Intelligent, mind bending, perception shaping marketing solutions that are created from source material generated with forethought.
212filmswill help tell your story, but will tell it in a way that creates a defining image for the company. And when it's done right, it hooks people. It makes an emotional connection... and there's no better ending to a story than that.

• Interactive marketing strategies
• Internet marketing initiatives
• Cinema presentations
• Web Sites & Content Management
• Presentations & Business Graphics
• Multimedia, DVD & CD ROM
• Film & Video
• Print

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